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Purple Stuff

Purple Stuff is the greatest performance enhancing cognitive soda ever made.

Purple Stuff is the best tasting performance enhancing cognitive soda on the market today. B vitamins to replace those lost due to stress. Rose hips to induce a sense of happiness or good mood. Valerian root to relax the nerves. L-Theanine to increase awareness and the ability to focus ones thoughts. Crystalline Fructose as a sweetener, No caffeine, No High Fructose Corn Syrup and only 50 calories per serving. Purple Stuff is a healthy, vitamin, focus soda!!

Purple Stuff's Background

Purple Stuff's Interests & Activities

Purple Stuff is made by a company that believes you should not go through life stressed out. When diving out of a plane or skiing down double blacks you should remain calm, relaxed and focused. If you are catching that perfect wave or hitting that aerial on your board just right, Purple Stuff is here to keep you calm, relaxed and focused. Stress and anxiety are time wasters and they get in the way of having fun. Calm Down, Relax the Body and Focus the Mind with Purple Stuff.

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